Public Health Agency of Canada provides guidance for those who have been fully immunized


Published June 25, 2021 at 2:31 pm

The Public Health Agency of Canada has issued new guidance for those who have been partially and fully immunized against COVID-19.

The most important thing people should be aware of is, everyone—even those who have been fully immunized—must continue to adhere to public health advice in public settings, which is in place to mitigate community spread.

For small gatherings in outdoor settings, such as BBQs and outdoor events where everyone in attendance has been vaccinated, no masks or physical distancing measures are necessary—if anyone in attendance has not been vaccinated, they should ensure others are comfortable with them removing their mask before doing so.

For small gatherings in indoor settings, the guidelines are virtually the same as they are for outdoor settings, except for those who are not vaccinated—they can remove their mask if everyone’s comfortable with it and there is no one in attendance who is at higher risk of complications due to the virus.

For larger gatherings in outdoor settings where the vaccination status of those in attendance is unclear, those who have been fully immunized need not wear a mask or adhere to physical distancing measures, while those who are not should continue to wear a mask if physical distancing cannot be maintained.

For larger gatherings in indoor settings where the vaccination status of attendees is unclear, those who are fully immunized should follow the measures put in place by the owner or organizer of the event, and those who are at greater risk of complications from the virus should wear a mask and maintain physical distancing, as should those who have not been fully immunized.

Additionally, those who have not yet been fully immunized should consider only attending indoor events where clear safety measures are in place and local public health measures are being followed.


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