Provincial government addresses new Ontario license plates


Earlier this month, the Province began distributing new license plates designed with the intention of saving taxpayer money.

However, they also came with a design flaw—they’re difficult, if not impossible, to see at night.

Several Ontario residents and front-line police officers pointed out the plates are nearly impossible to see at night, which could post a problem for law-enforcement officers.

On Friday, February 21, the Province issued a statement regarding the license plates.

“We have heard the concerns of Ontarians and have taken their feedback seriously, which is why our government has continued to work with the leadership of 3M Canada to determine a path forward. An enhanced licence plate is currently in development, which we expect to be available in less than 3 weeks, as per 3M Canada’s assurance,” Lisa Thompson, Minister of Government and Consumer Services, said in the release.

“For Ontarians who have already received new licence plates, an enhanced version will be provided to them via mail,” she continued.

According to Thompson, despite the defect, Ontarians will continue to be issued the new plates until replacements are made available.

Thompson emphasized the fact that, while they may pose an inconvenience, they don’t pose a threat to public safety.

Thompson also emphasized the government’s expectation that 3M Canada, the company that manufactured the new plates, will pay the costs of fixing them.

“Our government has been clear to 3M Canada that our expectation is they will cover the cost of the replacement licence plates,” she said.

As of February 19, 218,000 of the new license plates have been produced.

Of those, 49,000 have been issued to Ontario residents, while 134,000 are currently in ServiceOntario locations, and 35,000 are in inventory.

Further, according to the Province, the contract with 3M stipulates they must produce “a product that is free from manufacturing defects, imperfections and/or design deficiencies that may affect operation, appearance or serviceability.”

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