Province believes latest proposals could resolve labour negotiations with teachers' unions


According to a release from the Province, the Ontario government made several proposals intended to broker a new deal between the government and the teachers’ unions. 

The government is prepared to keep class sizes the same for students in kindergarten through grade eight, while students in high school can expect an average class size of 23 students. 

The new proposals also include: 

  • A commitment to a funded maximum average class size of 23 in secondary schools - leaving them essentially the same as 2019-2020;
  • Replace the previous Local Priorities Fund with a new, student-centric Supports for Students Fund, which allows boards more flexibility to address students’ unique learning needs, including special education, mental health, and STEM education;
  • The Supports for Students Fund would continue at the same funding amount of the Local Priorities Fund.
  • A commitment to maintain full-day kindergarten; and
  • Reasonable increases in wages and compensation.

Additionally, the Province is announcing a policy that will allow parents to opt their kids out of the mandatory e-learning courses required for graduation. 

“This is a balanced plan that reflects the priorities of students and parents, maintaining class sizes, investing in students’ unique learning needs, and holds the line on the reasonable increase in wages and compensation we are offering,” Stephen Lecce, Minister of Education, said in the release. 

“If the unions reject this most recent, student-centric offer, parents should rightly be asking what exactly are the priorities of the unions,” he continued. 

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