Price of an iPhone has tripled in Canada since 2007


Published October 23, 2023 at 2:27 pm

iphone prices canada
Photo: Zana Latif

The price of an iPhone has tripled since it was first released in Canada.

The iPhone came out in 2007 in Canada and since then has steadily increased in price. Despite the price increases, Canada is the third cheapest country to buy an iPhone, according to a report from HelloSafe, a financial products (insurance, credit, investments) website.

Apple launched the new iPhone 15 last month at $1,279 down the price of the iPhone 14.

But the trend, like most things these days, is increasingly higher prices.

The report finds the median price of the iPhone has tripled in Canada since 2007. When it launched, the price tag was $589.62 but that dropped to $227.25 in 2009, and then shot up to $799 in 2012. The price dropped again before steadily increasing to $1,669 in 2022.

iphone prices canada

But when the iPhone 15 launched on Sept. 22, the price was $1,279.

And compared to other countries, Canada’s price is not bad. According to HelloSafe, Canada is the third cheapest country to buy an iPhone 15 (256 GB).

Turkey ($2,672) and Brazil ($2,212) are the two countries in the world where the iPhone 15 is the most expensive.

The U.S. ($1,210) and Japan ($1,268) have slightly lower prices.

See the full report on HelloSafe Canada.

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