#5 – VIDEO OF THE YEAR: When Obama Butchered Mississauga


Published March 11, 2016 at 3:38 pm


President Obama, who has been spending a little time with brand new Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau over the past couple days, has been to Mississauga.

He’s just not quite sure how to pronounce its name — and who can blame him? It does have many intimidating S’s. Thankfully for him (and us), we’re helping him nail the name of our fair city on Twitter.

‘This is always tough,’ he said. He went to ‘Sauga when he came to Canada for his sister’s wedding.”

As for Obama’s Canada connection, his younger sister Maya Soetoro married a Burlington man named Konrad Ng in 2003. He attended his sister’s Toronto wedding and then drove to Niagara Falls.

Driving along the QEW in search of a little Canadian scenery? He really is just like us — plus a few extra (but minor) responsibilities pertaining to missiles and general leadership.  


Yesterday, Trudeau and Obama greeted reporters after talks at the White House to announce that Obama has been invited to address Parliament this year. As for the rest of the conference, The CBC reports that the leaders discussed Donald Trump, streamlining trade and movement across the border and the ongoing softwood lumber dispute. The two also joked about hockey and which country currently boasts the Stanley Cup winning team.

This was the first official visit for a Canadian Prime Minister in 19 years.

Here’s hoping Barack and Michelle Obama stop by Mississauga again should the president visit Canada later this year. We’re sure everyone (well, mostly everyone) would be more than happy to help them pronounce our onerous name.



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