Pre-approved garden suite designs are now being offered in Mississauga


Published July 5, 2024 at 10:54 am

Pre-approved garden suite designs are being offered in Mississauga

Municipal representatives in Mississauga have recently launched an awareness campaign for garden suite construction projects within the city. 

According to a recent release from city officials, residents are encouraged to consider garden suite construction with an already pre-approved model.

Garden suites — similar to coach or laneway houses — are separate structures built on residential plots, usually in the backyard. The current pre-approved structures promoted by the city include a studio space suite design and a one-bedroom suite design, complete with the amenities of a condo or apartment of the same layout.

Beyond the standard pre-approved designs, city officials have also provided a customization tool on their website, which offers residents the chance to customize their chosen model’s exterior and get a full visualization of the variation the city is offering. 

According to the city, these pre-approved plans can save residents a substantial amount of time on planning and construction.

Additionally, the city will fast-track any applications that use these blueprints, however, residents are still responsible for any building costs.

Additional information on Mississauga’s pre-approved garden suites can be found on the city’s official website. 

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