Popular Online Retailer Launches Extremely Cheap Store

Published March 7, 2018 at 1:04 am


If you’re into online shopping – as most people with an internet connection are – there’s a brand new place to shop online that’ll be extremely easy on your wallet.

We’re talking under $10 per item easy on your wallet.

eBay just launched an Under $10 store where you can shop hundreds of items with free shipping, and no bidding like you typically have to do to get items on eBay.

Here’s a quick peek at what the store looks like:

You can shop fashion, electronics, home and garden gear, sports, lifestyle and entertainment, and even motor vehicle-related items for under $10.

It’s kind of like a eBay dollar store, except instead of winding around neverending shelves and people, you can get your guilt-free purchases delivered to your door.

Some cool items we’ve found are fun, colourful pillows for $1.56waterproof mini-speakers for $1.28, and even smartwatches with rubber wrist straps for $9.99.

Over all, the site is worth a browse if even just for the novelty of it, and everything is incredibly cheap compared to in-store pricing for the same items. Dare I say – “Take my money!”

It’s pretty much the quality of the items that remains to be seen. 

We’ll have to order some products and find out how the Under $10 store fares on that.

You can check out the store by clicking here.

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