Popular Coffee Chain Set to Release Unique Valentine's Drink


Unicorn frappuccinos have come and gone, and now — if you’re in the mood for romance, hearts, and everything pink — there’s a new drink on the horizon you might want to try!

If you like cherries and chocolate, grab your boo and get ready for the first taste of romance, because Starbucks Canada is set to release a Cherry Mocha just in time for Valentine’s Day. 

The Cherry Mocha will consist of espresso poured over a “slightly sweet” mocha sauce and candied cherry syrup.

That already sounds pretty saucy, but there’s more.

All of that is topped with steamed milk, whipped cream, sugar, and finally, cocoa Valentine’s sprinkles. You’ll be able to get the beverage hot, iced, or blended.

While it isn’t the beautiful Pink Medley Tea Latte (a.k.a. the “millennial pink latte”) that Starbucks is serving in Japan, it’s exciting to see that we’ll have our own romantic-hued drink just in time for the beloved Hallmark holiday.

But seriously, look at the pink latte!

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