Popular American Pizza Restaurant Opens At Mississauga’s Square One

Published September 26, 2019 at 4:30 pm


Mississauga’s food scene just got a little bigger with the introduction of a popular establishment that serves some of the world’s most beloved dishes.

The American export, MidiCi: The Neapolitan Pizza Company, just opened its doors in the up and coming Food District in Square One.

MidiCi’s Square One location is the second one in Canada, the other location is at Upper Canada Mall in Newmarket.

As far as MidiCi goes, the L.A.-based company says it’s all about socializing, social responsibility and, of course, pizza.

“Everything we do is motivated by our will to make the world a friendlier place, and to serve fine authentic Neapolitan pizza,” the brand’s website reads. “We make a continued commitment to incorporating high quality non-GMO fresh and all natural ingredients. We respect and honor people, food, our planet, Mother Nature, Neapolitan tradition, and we hope to spread those values with every plate of food we serve.”

So, what does this joint have to offer?

MidiCi offers antipasti (think warm olives, garlic knots, bruschetti, baked burrata, calamari and more), meat and cheese boards, salad, bread and, of course, pizza.

Some pizza varieties include margherita, marinara (which is vegan), pesto, tartufo, diavola, tropicale (Hawaiian), chicken bruschetta, egg and bacon and more.

The Food District itself is opening in spring 2019 and it’ll focus on offering local, handmade and high-quality foods in a setting that embraces both new- and old-world food emporiums. With more than 34,000 sq. ft., the Food District is intended to offer residents space to meet, explore and share the love of food through tastings, cooking classes, dinner parties, book signings and other special events.

Will you be visiting MidiCi: The Neapolitan Pizza Company soon?

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