Popular American chicken joint goes international, opening new locations in Ontario


If you can’t get enough of the city’s chicken joints, you’re in luck — a popular new option is headed our way.

Dave’s Hot Chicken, described as a Los Angeles-based fast-casual restaurant brand, recently announced that it’s going international with 30 new locations planned to open in Canada.

The restaurant plans to set up shop in Ontario and British Columbia first before expanding to the rest of the country.

Founded early in 2017, Dave’s Hot Chicken specializes in hot chicken tenders and sliders, with spice levels ranging from “No Spice” to “Reaper.” The restaurant also serves sides of house-made kale slaw, creamy mac & cheese, and crispy fries or cheese fries.

The expansion comes after Dave’s Hot Chicken formed a franchise agreement with Obelysk Foods Ltd., led by John Bitove, founder of the NBA Toronto Raptors.

We were beyond excited as the partnership with John started to fall into place. Not only did it signify the making of the brand’s first international growth, but John’s business acumen and restaurant experience is unbeatable,” said Bill Phelps, CEO of Dave’s Hot Chicken.

John understands our passion for serving mouthwatering food and appreciates our team’s commitment to a simple, crave-worthy menu and environment that keeps our fans coming back for more.”

While there’s no word yet on when and where we can expect these new locations to open, more information is expected soon.

Do you plan on eating at this new chicken joint?

Photo courtesy of Dave’s Hot Chicken on Instagram

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