POLL RESULTS: Affordable housing tops list of Mississauga election issues, transit distant third


Published September 4, 2021 at 1:03 pm


Affordable housing tops the list of important issues for Mississauga voters in the upcoming federal election.

A 24-hour poll conducted by insauga.com shows that housing is far and away the chief concern as the issue garnered more than half of all responses to the question: “The most important issue for Mississauga this election?”

The poll also showed the pandemic is still on the mind of Mississaugans as we now become entrenched in the fourth wave of COVID-19. Participants in the poll selected a recovery plan for the virus as important with 637 votes.

Presented on Instagram Stories, 2,143 people responded to the question.

Here is how people voted:

Mississauga poll on main issues during federal election

Current data supplied by Mississauga MLS shows that the average house price in the city is $974,929.

As for rent, the average one bedroom rental unit costs $1,753 in Mississauga and $2,129 for a two bedrooms according to rental.ca.





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