POLL: 77% of Mississauga residents who responded say they wouldn’t pay more taxes to get snow cleared from bottom of driveway

Published March 10, 2023 at 10:22 am

More than three-quarters of Mississauga residents who responded to an informal poll yesterday said they would not pay an additional 1.5 per cent in city taxes to get heavy walls of snow and ice removed from the bottom of their driveways.

The poll, conducted by insauga.com on Instagram, shows 77 per cent of those who responded say such a tax hike would not be worth it just to get the snow and ice deposits, known as windrows, removed for them.

On the flip side, 23 per cent of respondents said they would accept the 1.5 per cent tax hike if it meant they wouldn’t have to deal with the windrows themselves.

The question posed to readers was: Would you pay 1.5 per cent more taxes in Mississauga to have the snow (windrow) at the end of your driveway cleared?

In total, 691 people responded to the poll, with 535 saying no to the tax hike and 156 saying yes that it would be worth it.

The informal poll was conducted by insauga.com after Mayor Bonnie Crombie and Ward 11 Councillor Brad Butt said earlier this week that some residents suggested to them that they’d be willing to pay more in taxes if it meant the windrows would be cleared for them.

Windrows, which are deposits of heavy, chunky snow and ice left at the bottom of driveways after snow plows clear the street, have become a hot-button issue in recent weeks in Mississauga.

Crombie and City councillors say they’re receiving numerous complaints from residents, particularly in the wake of last week’s snow/ice storm that left many people, most notably seniors, trapped in their homes because they couldn’t get their cars out of the driveway.

Even snow blowers, they say, cannot remove the windrows.

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