POLL: 60% of those dining out in Mississauga are stingy tippers


Published October 19, 2021 at 10:08 am

When it comes to tipping their servers at restaurants, Mississauga residents seem to be a bit stingy.  

A poll conducted by insauga.com on Instagram over 24 hours shows nearly 60 per cent of those who responded say they are tipping 15 per cent at restaurants, which is widely considered acceptable, but not generous. 

Eighteen per cent said they tip 20 per cent, another 18 per cent said they leave 18 per cent and just four per cent said they tip 22 per cent or higher. 

The question posed to readers was: “What are you tipping at restaurants now?” 

In total, 1,620 people responded to the poll, with 969 saying they tip 15 per cent, 298 indicating they leave 20 per cent, 292 saying they tip 18 per cent and 61 people saying they tip 22 per cent or higher. 


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