Police Warning Mississauga Residents to Keep Gift Boxes Inside


Published December 26, 2016 at 3:39 pm


So, Christmas is officially over and all your Santa presents have been opened.

While you might be focusing on cleaning and playing with your new toys today, you might want to think twice about leaving telltale packaging outside.

Yesterday, Peel police reminded residents to take boxes for big ticket objects like TVs and computers straight to recycling to avoid alerting thieves to the presence of pricey goods and electronics in their homes.

So while it might feel good to unclutter by leaving big boxes on the porch until you have time to break them down and recycle them, it’s probably best to keep them inside or (or just break them down right away).

Police are also advising Boxing Day shoppers to keep their haul in their trunks rather than in plain sight in the backseat, as displaying expensive goods could attract thieves.

Enjoy your Santa loot, everyone!

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