Police warn about a pizza delivery scam


Published April 18, 2023 at 9:44 pm

Multiple police services in the GTA are warning residents about a string of scams involving a fraudulent pizza delivery.

Toronto Police issued the first warning of the scam through an Apr. 18 public safety. They said they had heard reports of a scam involving a man pretending to be a Domino’s pizza delivery driver working with a woman pretending to be his customer.

The scam begins with the counterfeit customer approaching a stranger in a large retail parking lot. She claims to the mark that she ordered a pizza to the store, but the delivery driver is not accepting cash, only plastic.

She then asks the target to pay for the pizza using their debit card in exchange for her cash. Then the “customer” escorts the victim to the delivery car, where the victim inserts their card and inputs their PIN. The PIN machine has been modified however and records the victim’s inputs.

The driver then hands back a fake debit card that looks like the victim’s and the pizza purchaser hands the victim the cash.

At this point, the pair of scammers has the victim’s debit card and PIN to make additional purchases.

As part of their warning, Toronto Police advised people to be skeptical. “Most legitimate delivery services accept cash, so if someone tries to convince you otherwise, this a red flag that this may be a scam,” they said.

They also advised residents not to hand over their cards or disclose their PINs to anybody and to doublecheck the card they do get back is in truth their own. “If you’re asked to insert or tap your card, beware of fake wireless point of sale terminals or those not connected to the internet.  If something seems strange, don’t go through with the transaction,” police added.

Minutes after the Toronto Police warning, Peel Regional Police echoed their concerns.

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