Police Set to Launch a New Ticketing Program


Published November 1, 2017 at 3:16 pm


You know that horrible feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you suddenly hear sirens behind you? You immediately wonder if you were going a little too fast. Or if, perhaps, you forgot to signal that last turn.

Did you commit the unforgivable rolling stop offense?

Well, it looks like some people–although not people who are driving–are about to start receiving some more tickets from police.

Positive tickets.

Peel police recently announced the launch of 2017 Operation Heat/Freeze–A Positive Ticketing initiative. Peel Regional Police Crime Prevention Services, Peel Crime Stoppers and 22 Division are teaming up with Mac’s Convenience Stores to recognize positive youth behaviour and reinforce that doing the right thing is “also the cool thing to do.”

Good karma always great, it’s true.

The initiative is officially launching today.

Police say Operation Heat/Freeze was developed by Mac’s in 2007 as part of their crime prevention through community engagement strategy. This initiative basically provides police officers with the opportunity to engage in the positive ticketing of young people who are observed doing random acts of kindness or exhibiting positive behaviour in the community.

Also, the tickets handed out this winter to kids in Brampton and Mississauga are actually coupons valid for a free beverage at all participating Mac’s Convenience stores across Ontario.

Peel police has actively participated in the program since 2013.

So, what will earn your kids a positive ticket?

Wearing bicycle helmets, doing good deeds, participating in community activities, picking up trash, and deterring crime or observing school crossing rules.

Note to kids: if you do the right thing, you might get the added bonus of a compliment and a free drink.

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