Police rescue woman in distress in Mississauga


Peel Regional Police have congratulated several of their officers for successfully resolving a recent case of mental health distress in Mississauga.

On Saturday evening, September 12, police received reports from concerned family members regarding the well-being of a woman in distress.

A call from the woman’s partner indicated that she was actively trying to harm herself by wrapping a cord around her neck and trying to jump from their sixth floor residence, according to police.

Two officers attended the sixth floor unit where they located the woman completely outside of a bedroom window and being held onto by her partner, who indicated he was losing his grip.

The officers leaned out the window and managed to lift the woman to safety.

"The actions of the officers, coupled with the crucial information obtained by the communications staff, resulted in the successful outcome of this incident," said Deputy Chief Marc Andrews.

"If not for their actions, the minor injuries sustained by the woman would have certainly resulted in a tragedy that would have deeply affected her loved ones and the community.”

Police recognized the efforts of Constable Paul Binns and Constable Jordan Ashby who attended the scene, as well as Kimberley Stezinar, the call-taker who attempted to calm the woman down, and Matthew Correia, the dispatcher.

Residents are reminded that they can call CMHA Peel-Dufferin at 905-278-9036 anytime if someone they know is in distress, or call 911 if the situation is a life-threatening emergency.

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