Police Report Shows Crime Rates Rising in Brampton

Published June 20, 2019 at 10:39 am

Like every city, Brampton has its fair share of crime, it’s just a part of living in a large community.

Like every city, Brampton has its fair share of crime, it’s just a part of living in a large community. The major question residents find themselves asking is if crime rates are increasing in the city. Unfortunately, according to a recent police report, trends show that crime rates are on the rise.

Peel Police have released their annual report detailing statistics about the crimes across the region in 2018. In a previous article, the recent crime rates over the years 2013 – 2017 was outlined and showed a slight increase in crime in certain areas. So what trends did this year’s report show?

The report breaks down the crime stats of the city’s two divisions over the course of the year 2018. Brampton is divided into the 21 and 22 divisions. Division 21 has 302,179 residents, while Division 22 has 358,950.

For crimes against persons, Brampton had 14 homicides in 2018, over twice as much as 2017 which only had 6. Attempted homicide cases totalled 21 for the city, which was higher than the 13 cases in 2017.

The number of sexual assault cases in the city slightly increased, with 592 cases across the city last year, compared to 2017’s 500. Non-sexual assaults remain one of the City’s most common crimes, with 2972 cases throughout the divisions. This is a 20.9% increase compared to 2458 cases in 2017.

Robberies totalled 724 cases, 47% more than 2017’s 498 cases. In terms of crimes against property, theft over $5,000 remains Brampton’s highest crime, with 2,950 cases in division 21 and 3921 in division 22. The amount of frauds in the city has also increased, with 1145 cases being reported in 2018, a 23.9% increase to 824 cases in 2017.

On a positive note, the amount of drug-related cases has declined across the city, with 1128 cases being reported, a 28.9% decrease compared to the 1588 cases reported in 2017.

When it comes to the number of cases solved, it varies based on the division.

Division 21:

  • Homicides: 100%
  • Attempted homicides: 80%
  • Sexual Assaults: 75.9%
  • Non-sexual assaults: 87.2 %
  • Theft over $5,000: 16.1%
  • Fraud: 34.2%
  • Drug: 100%

Division 22:

  • Homicides: 57.1%
  • Attempted homicides: 81.8%
  • Sexual Assaults: 65.6%
  • Non-sexual assaults: 86.8%
  • Theft over $5,000: 17%
  • Fraud: 22.7%
  • Drug: 99.1%

If this report is any indication of current trends, it does appear that crime rates are rising in Brampton. This can be caused by any number of factors, such as the higher population or the financial situation of the city.

You can read the full yearly report on the Peel Police official site.

What do you think about these statistics?

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