Police Looking For Homeowners And May Have Found A Second Victim in Explosion


Published June 30, 2016 at 8:05 pm


As the investigation continues, police are saying the owners of the house that exploded on Tuesday have not been located, according to a CP24 article.

Peel Regional Police identified the missing homeowners during a Thursday afternoon news conference. They are Diana Page and Robert Nadler, the two people associated with the address of the blast site. 

The article reports that police haven’t been able to identify the woman who was found dead at the area of the explosion. 

Peel Regional Police Sgt. Josh Colley spoke at the conference, saying, “The autopsy for that deceased party is scheduled for today and we are working with the coroner’s office to determine her identity and then from there we can notify next of kin.” 

Police have not been in contact with either missing person, and said there are multiple concerns that Nadler is unaccounted for, according to CityNews

“We are concerned for his well-being,” said Colley, who admitted the possibility that Nadler’s body may be found as crews continue to search through the debris of the destroyed house. 

Jeff Minten, investigator with the Office of the Fire Marshal, said they would be excavating the blast site very slowly. 

“We are going to be looking for fragile debris that is associated with the blast and part of that is also we are going to be conducting a search to determine if there are human remains,” he said. “I am not going to speculate if there are or not, but we will be looking as part of our investigation.” 

Some mysterious reports were brought up of a Mississauga man who shares the same name and age as Nadler… a man convicted of murder in the 1980s. Police refused to comment on the matter. 

“We are not confirming any criminal background or any sort of convictions or anything like that,” Colley said. “We are just sort of letting the public know that this is the name associated to the address.” 

The body of a second blast victim may lie under the rubble of a former home on Hickory Drive in Missisissauga, Peel Regional Police reported by The Toronto Star.

While it was reported earlier that the investigation would be taken over by the homicide unit, Colley confirmed that the unit only monitors suspicious deaths and is not involved in this case.

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