Police help round up sow and piglets after an escape from an Ontario farm


Published May 7, 2024 at 8:48 am

pig escape ontario

Police helped round up a sow and her little ones in a rural Ontario community.

It’s not something police officers normally do, the OPP said in a post yesterday (May 6).

Apparently, the sow and her piglets “made a break for it” yesterday in Central Huron, a rural community north of London, Ontario.

Police were on hand to help the owner get the animals back on the farm.

“The owner was happy we helped before they ran into traffic,” OPP said.

While it’s not a normal police duty, officers have helped round up animals in the past.

Last year, police caught an escaped kangaroo in Oshawa. Police were also called when an African serval cat was on the loose last fall.

Police were also alerted when Alice the cow got out of her enclosure in rural Burlington in the fall.

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