September 14th, 2012 Podcast


On this episode of podcast Arlene and Khaled sit down with Morning Thieves for the music insauga spotlight. We also have an insauga podcast exclusive as Morning Thieves lay down their newest track for the first time “Something To Believe “. As well, we discuss an important subject…… top 5 public washrooms in Mississauga and the top 5 “I’M HUNGRY” food gems. You don’t want to miss this.

Music insauga spotlight:
Morning Thieves

Songs played:

Sweet Silhouette
Holding on
Something to Believe
Words in These Notes

Music played:

Palm Trees by Vibonics

Brother on the Run by GT

Let me go by Deesha

Old School by Nehemiah Flow

Bones by Asleep in the machine

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