August 31st, 2012 Podcast


On this week’s podcast we discuss #MississaugaGripeoftheweek “Why Does Celebration Square pretty much close down from Sept to May for events?”, Boston Pizza Idol, top 5 bars to watch live music in Mississauga, duck hunt and so much more. We also talk to Stoo-ie as the music insauga spotlight with his “Based” music. “Based” you ask, well take listen and you be the judge.

Music insauga spotlight:


Music played:

"Dear Reverie" by Jessica Speziale

"The Red String You Can Tether" by Mili Kulugammana

"Give it Up" by Uforia

"King of the Castle" by  Wali 'Flo' Shah

"Pretty Idiot" by Reno

"Make or Break" by Thirdrite

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