August 3rd, 2012 Podcast


On this show we hear music by Seam, Iman Wain, DnA [Dren and Artem], James Faulkner, Donny Jepp, and Music insauga spotlight on Nehemiah Flow! And we talk to Dorothy Weiss about all the amazing thing she has been doing in the media. We also have our regular segments like Mississauga's Gripe of the Week, News insauga and the feature article which is about the top 5 dim sum places.

Music insauga spotlight:

Nehemiah Flow

Special guest:

Dorothy Weiss
Photographer, reporter, film maker

Music from:

If We Were by Seam

Tonight's The Night (We're Gonna Dance) by James Faulkner

The Beat by Donny Jepp

Good Time by The Identity Crisis

The Way I Do by Iman Wain

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