Plaza redevelopment poses danger to residents, say opponents of strip mall plan in Mississauga


Published September 19, 2023 at 1:54 pm

Centre Plaza in Streetsville, Mississauga
Streetsville Centre Plaza, the site of a proposed redevelopment. (Photo: Google Maps images)

Hundreds of people have signed petitions to fight the redevelopment of a plaza in the Streetsville area of Mississauga, saying current plans pose potential dangers to residents and a threat to the character of the community.

Still in its early stages, the massive redevelopment proposal in the heart of Streetsville calls for eight residential buildings ranging in height from low-rise to 18 storeys, with a total of 1,435 residential units, to be built at Streetsville Centre Plaza, located at 120 and 146 Queen St. S.

Appearing before city council last week on behalf of his wife, Anne Byard, vice-president of the Streetsville Historical Society, Malcolm Byard presented the petitions and said residents have a host of concerns related to the proposed redevelopment of the one-storey strip mall.

He said proposed plans would “change the nature of the community” in addition to creating a danger to residents by significantly increasing traffic and potentially the speed of traffic on a nearby “quiet” street where two older adults’ homes and a public school are located.

The redevelopment proposal would also potentially “devalue homes (that people) have worked so hard to pay for,” Byard added.

Essentially, the petitions are calling for building heights of no greater than seven storeys and that a plan to make William Street, where the two older adult homes are located, a through street be reworked.

Dolphin Senior Public School is located just to the west of William Street, and residents are concerned because many of the students walk to and from school along William Street.

Byard also noted that the proposed heights of the buildings, with their increased density, would create parking problems in the area as well.

Ward 11 Councillor Brad Butt noted that the developer has not yet filed a formal application with the City of Mississauga for its redevelopment plan, but that one is likely coming this fall.

Butt wanted to put residents’ minds at ease, saying both he and city staff have met with the developer on several occasions and retaining the character of the community is top of the priority list as they determine what the redevelopment could look like.

“I want to give people the assurance that discussions are continuing. This is no fait accompli by any stretch at this stage,” Butt said, adding that in every discussion he’s had with the developer and city staff, “we have pushed on the importance of maintaining the heritage character of Streetsville. Architecture and design are critical for this development. This isn’t something we would build in Yorkville; this is something we’re building in Streetsville, regardless of what the ultimate development happens to be and it has to reflect the look and feel and heritage character of the village of Streetsville.”

Ward 11 Councillor Brad Butt says he and city staff are working with the applicant in efforts to determine what a redeveloped Streetsville Centre Plaza would look like.

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