Step Into a Daring Adventure this March Break at TRAPPED Mississauga

Published August 24, 2019 at 3:59 am


Have you ever wanted to be just like Indiana Jones or Laura Croft? Well, your days of dreaming and make believe are over!

TRAPPED Mississauga is the latest location opened in 2019 from TRAPPED Canada, built to fulfil the fantasy and excitement that keeps people returning to beloved adventure movies.

Located at 2273 Dundas Street West, TRAPPED Mississauga is an elegant and spacious facility which offers four unique themed rooms to choose from that will put your puzzle and riddle solving skills to the test. Future plans are in place to add more rooms for even more fun.

TRAPPED Canada is one of North America’s biggest and fastest growing escape room franchises. TRAPPED Mississauga is the first and currently the only TRAPPED facility in the Peel and Halton area, with other locations across Canada including Markham, Montreal, Halifax, Calgary, Fort McMurray, Coquitlam, and St. John’s.

The escape rooms are all about working together as a team, which makes TRAPPED Mississauga a great option for fun group events. Bring your friends or family, or even come for a date! Escape rooms are also a good opportunity for moral boosting, so gather your co-workers and come for some after work bonding, team building, and corporate events or meetings.

TRAPPED Mississauga’s philosophy is that your adventure starts as soon as you step into the lobby. High quality props and gorgeous artwork create a rich atmosphere that will instantly make you feel like you’ve been whisked away to another world. The transition from the lobby to the themed rooms is seamless and solidifies a truly immersive experience!

The real star of TRAPPED Mississauga is the four themed rooms, which are the backdrop to your very own adventure.

Travel to Egypt in “Ancient Pyramid”, where you and your team explore the Great Pyramid of Giza in hopes of discovering treasures and uncovering the secrets of the King’s tomb.

Go back in time to the 14th century in “Medieval Prison”, where you are thrown into a dungeon and must escape or face the gallows.

“Death Note”, based on the famous anime and manga, sees you as an FBI agent attempting to investigate the prime suspect, prove he’s the killer, and escape before he can find you and end your life.

“Chaos Effect” is the most challenging themed room yet. It’s an out of this world sci-fi choose-your-own-adventure that is immersive, thrilling, and highly interactive.

TRAPPED Mississauga is a family friendly location, and can be booked for birthday parties and other social occasions. You can book the well-decorated party room for a little more than two hours including an hour for the game, and get two large pizzas and drinks all included in the price.

TRAPPED Mississauga has become the preferred venue for team building and corporate events for many companies in the region, who book the spacious lobby and party room for their meetings and catering.

Companies that have enjoyed playing TRAPPED’s games include Air Canada, IMAX, GSK, Loblaws, Novo Nordisk, and many more. TRAPPED Mississauga has also partnered with a high-end caterer, delivering the highest quality food for various events.

As part of their social responsibility, TRAPPED Mississauga provides a snack dispenser in its lockers area with all proceeds going to MADD Canada (Mothers Against Drunk Driving). They’re also a Gold sponsor to the Orientation Week of new students at UTM (University of Toronto in Mississauga), managed by UTMSU.

TRAPPED Mississauga offers all visitors free membership. Members receive 10% off admission as well as a free beverage after their adventure. Gift vouchers are also available to buy as valuable gifts for loved ones during special occasions and the holiday season.

TRAPPED Mississauga offers a selection of free board games for additional fun while you’re waiting in the spacious lobby before or after your adventure.

Whether you’re an escape room veteran or it’s your first time playing, a visit to TRAPPED Mississauga is a great way to spend fun time with your friends and family!

Click here to book your next adventure, or visit TRAPPED Mississauga’s website at for more information.

You can also contact TRAPPED Mississauga at (905)-997-6855, [email protected], or through their social media pages on:

Facebook @trappedmississauga

Instagram @trappedmississauga

Snapchat @trapped.sauga

Twitter @trapped_sauga,

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Are you brave enough to be TRAPPED?

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