Trillium Health Partners' Credit Valley Hospital


Trillium Health Partners' Credit Valley Hospital
2200 Eglinton Street
Mississauga, Ontario
Trillium Health Partners is a leading hospital with an outstanding record of performance, fiscal responsibility and quality patient care. The hospital encompasses three main sites - Credit Valley Hospital, Mississauga Hospital, and Queensway Health Centre - offering the full range of acute care hospital services, as well as a variety of community-based, specialized programs. Our intention is to achieve the highest quality of care that is easily accessible for our community, at the lowest cost. We are committed to creating an exceptional experience for everyone who walks through our doors. As our diverse community continues to grow and age, and as more people are living with chronic diseases, we're taking into account the inevitable changes on the horizon. We know that to continue to deliver exceptional patient care, we must think and act differently, and take a new and innovative approach to the delivery of health care. We envision a new kind of health care for a healthier community - an inter-connected system of care that is organized around the patient, both inside the hospital and beyond its walls. Through partnership, working in a coordinated way across the system, we can meet the needs of our patients and continue to provide outstanding, sustainable quality patient care. As partners in creating a new kind of health care, we are Better Together.

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