St Louis Bar and Grill


St Louis Bar and Grill
6485 Mississauga road
Mississauga, Ontario
(905) 997-9464 

Just recently opened about a year ago, St Louis Bar and Grill-Mississauga is quickly becoming popular with the Mississauga community. Having a relaxed atmosphere, where the music volume is just right, the lighting gets dimmed as the evening approaches and a TV in every corner for sports enthusiasts, there's no wondering why our guests feel like they're at home. Our menu also compliments our restaurant layout as guests can choose from our delicious fresh salads, to burgers, sandwiches, wings and our mouth-watering ribs. If this isn’t enough, our staff is carefully selected and trained to make each guest feel at ease, hence we pride on our “guest first” service attitude.

Come check us out anytime, there's always something happening in here whether it be UFC, live music Fridays, NFL Sundays, Open Mic comedy Nights and our favorite, have price wings Tuesdays.


Free Parking 

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