Owl of Minerva



Owl of Minerva
1177 Central Pkwy West, #23A
Mississauga, Ontario
(905) 273-7275 

Hearing at first that the Owl has landed in Mississauga made me a little happy—no more commuting to North York to satisfy the late night crave for hot Korean food. But after dining at this location a few times, I felt that saving my crave for their food when I’m out of town was worth the wait.

This shop has snuggled in the corner of the Golden Square plaza, dominated by mainly Chinese shops and a TD Bank, hence some of the items on the menu also include written Chinese. The place is small, like other locations in the GTA, so during busy hours everyone is packed, but not to the point where elbows become rib-stabbing weaponry.

The menu is about the same, which offers Bibimbap, beef and vegetable sizzling rice with egg, tofu and kimchi stews, Korean pancakes, and their signature Pork Bone Soup, all served with kimchi and vinegar cucumber wedges on the side. 

The taste is however a bit more bland, slightly below the flavor threshold when compared to the other locations. Prices are found to be a dollar more or so, as I’ve used to dine at the North York and Bloor locations and reviewed their menu many times. The toughest miss they got is not being open really late, like the one on bloor where you can have a nice warm meal 3 am in the morning.

Consider this Owl of Minerva for the convenience and decent service and when you can’t hit the road too far out of town.


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