Grunt - Strength & Conditioning Gym



Grunt - Strength & Conditioning Gym
1030 Kamato Rd
Mississauga, Ontario
(905) 299-7998 

Grunt Performance Inc. intends on providing their clients with the motivation, knowledge and self-confidence to perform their workouts to their fullest capacity. Grunt Performance Inc. will fulfill this by offering our clients the best strength and conditioning equipment facility anywhere in the market current market place.

Grunt Performance Inc. has hired the most knowledgeable and successful trainers in the GTA, which their knowledge we will be able to provide the following programs:

  • Training for Warrior's Programs
  • Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Conditioning
  • Metabolic Circuit Program
  • Professional Sport Team Training
  • School Board Athletic Team Training Programs
  • 24 hour training facility
  • High Frequency Muscle Development Programs
  • Corporate Package-Mobile training unit
  • Registered Massage Therapy, Chiropractor

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