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Erindale Presbyterian Church
1560 Dundas Street West
Mississauga, Ontario
(905) 277-4564 
Sunday: 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM
Tuesday: 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Wednesday: 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Thursday: 10:00 AM - 9:00 PM

We are a vibrant and joyful community of compassion, hope and faith located at 1560 Dundas Street West in Mississauga.  Come, for you will find roots, place and belonging in this family.

Join us for inspirational worship each Sunday at 10am. 

A vibrant Children's Church experience takes place at the same time.

Please note:

Erindale has a hall, kitchen, small meeting rooms and other spaces available for rent. Please visit for more information.


ARMAGH, a home for abused women and their children

Our most recent work with Armagh was a project we titled "Saving for Suds" which raised money for a washing machine and dryer along with soap, towels, sheets, and laundry baskets.  We also share in a long-term tradition of providing Pajamas and slippers at christmas time.

Cairn Family of Camps

Thank you so much for everyone's generosity in either providing baking or buying baking at the"Send a Kid to Camp Bake Sale" on April 17, 2016. The kids raised an amazing $484 which will be used to send kids in need to Cairn Family of Camps this coming summer.

Caring and Sharing

Caring and Sharing is a ministry where in we collect groceries each week for a household in need.  Please contact the church office for more information.

Deacon's Cupboard

The Deacon's Cupboard is an ecumenical outreach program located in St. Peter's Anglican. It offers practical, emotional and spiritual support to those in need. This includes food and personal care items offered on a voucher basis as well as clergy and nursing support.

This mission is supported by the following churches in the area: St. Peter's Anglican, St. Thomas a Becket Anglican, Erin Mills United, Erindale Presbyterian and Erindale United. The Deacon's Cupboard also does some of its own fundraising and receives donations from numerous schools, scout groups, the police, businesses and individuals in the community.

Erindale supports this outreach program by encouraging its members to bring in non-perishable goods each Sunday, provide donations throughout the year and by hosting various fundraising activities throughout the year. As well, a few of our members provide volunteer support.

Visit: for more information.

Good Samaritan Fund

The Good Samaritan fund is used as a caring outreach to provide monetary assistance to persons in need, either within the congregation or part of our local community, and to help fund local groups that are seeking to perform community service to those in poverty and need.

Individuals are invited to give to this fund in an envelope labelled, "Good Samaritan Fund".

Links Across Borders

Each year Links Across Borders travels with a group of volunteers to Ghana in May.  The group will help to complete a new library, design and coordinate activities for children and youth in two villages and run the Love to Read Campaign from May 6 - June 2.   Sylvia Morrison, the founder of Links Across Borders, is hoping to give a solar lamp to each child who participates in the Love to Read Campaign this year.

Erindale supports this ministry through book donations along with financial donations to help provide solar-powered lamps for children.  These lamps are  useful for the child's household during in the weekly power outages.  Lack of light in the home limits the child's opportunity to study, read, or do homework at night.

Presbyterians Sharing

Presbyterians Sharing is the national church fund that supports the mission and ministries we do together in Canada and around the world.  Presbyterians are sharing in a wide range of ministries from encouraging and equipping congregational renewal and development, to supporting inner city , native, refugee, urban, remote and chaplaincy ministries in Canada, to sending mission personnel to work with international partners.

Presbyterian World Service and Development

Presbyterian World Service & Development is the development and relief agency of The Presbyterian Church in Canada. For over 65 years, our church has been actively working to serve marginalized and vulnerable people through Presbyterian World Service & Development. While the global context has evolved since PWS&D was first formed, what has not changed is a commitment to Christ's message of love through justice, poverty reduction and support in times of disaster.  Erindale supports the work of PWS&D through financial gifts, and in particular times of crisis and disaster.

Teen Education and Motherhood Program (T.E.A.M.)

Throughout the year we support the work and mission of TEAM through donations of diapers, toiletries, gift cards, and others items for young mothers and their babies.  TEAM assists teen moms to finish their high school education.


We have many opportunities to help you grow in faith here at Erindale.  Whatever age and stage of your faith journey, you are welcome here and encouraged to share with us.

Bible Fellowship

This small and growing enthusiastic group explores the Bible and welcomes anyone who is interested in joining them on a Tuesday morning at 9:30 a.m.  Each person has different experiences that they share and through this fellowship the group learns from each other's experiences while searching the Bible for guidance in their day to day living.


Our church and choir is very blessed to have the leadership of Ani Imastounian as our Music Minister and Choir Director. God has given Ani an amazing talent and we feel truly blessed that she shares it in worship. Choir practices Thursday nights at 7:30 p.m. and newcomers are always welcome to come out for a week or two or stay for longer! The group comes on Thursdays to practise, however, they always leave feeling more refreshed and energetic than when they came in. Come and let the music rejuvenate your spirit.

Craft Group

The Craft Group is growing!   The laughter is growing. The conversation is growing. We are having a blast!

The Craft Group is an opportunity for people to get together in a stress free environment. There are no attendance requirements, no duties that must be done. There is just coming when you can, bringing a craft that you're working on if you want to, having a cup of tea or coffee and enjoying yourself.

We meet in the lobby of the church on the 4th Tuesday of each month at 7:30 we enjoy a few extra meetings in the summer months!  Please come out any time!   This is a truly fun group, and the more the merrier.

Erindale Ladies Fellowship & Mission and Outreach Group

This wonderful group of ladies focus on mission and hospitality.  As well, they help with refreshments and food for other activities such as our Christmas Gift program and our Work Bees. This group also gives the kitchen a "spring cleaning" once a year. In November they have a Craft and Bake Sale which is their main fundraiser which contributes to the life of the larger congregation.  If anyone would like to join this group, you are very welcome.  The group enjoys what they do and the satisfying feeling of a job well done. The work they do increases their feelings of fellowship and faith!

Erindale Luncheon Club

This group meets and enjoys fellowship together over lunch in a different restaurant on the third Thursday of each month. It is a fantastic time of fun and fellowship as people gather and talk together.  Come when you can -- all are welcome!


We have a team who meets regularly to plan events such as dinners and other fun activities to help newcomers and those who have been a part of the Erindale family for a long time, deepen their friendship with one another.

Gentle Christian Yoga

Our yoga classes combine gentle, Hatha Yoga with Christian scripture, prayer and music. To participate you do not need to know anything about yoga. As well, the classes are suitable for all levels of fitness as modifications to the poses can be made very easily for injuries, illnesses and other challenges.

Classes are held September to June on Wednesday mornings from 10:00 to 11:00 a.m.

All you need are comfortable clothes, a yoga mat, and $8.00. Everyone is welcome so please join us and bring your family, friends and colleagues. You may start anytime and come when you are available.

Please see for more information.

Living Spiritually

Twice each year we host a "Living Spiritually" evening, which includes a dinner and guest speaker.  The goal of the evening is to further our spiritual growth and provide fellowship.  Dates and themes are advertised well in advance and we do hope you will join us!

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