Pigeons make a huge mess at Mississauga apartment building


Published July 19, 2022 at 11:48 am

pigeon mississauga
Photo courtesy of Lisa Monks

Part of a Mississauga apartment building covered in pigeon excrement caught the attention of a resident recently.

The apartment building at 120 Dundas St. E. seems to be overrun with pigeons. Streaks of pigeon feces drip down the balconies. Dozens of birds are flying in and around the building.

Mississauga resident Lisa Monks noticed the building while out for a meeting at building across from the apartments.

“It’s not sanitary or safe,” Monks told insauga. “They just wander all over their balconies and then you can see the poop everywhere.”

It appears that one resident is feeding the pigeons on their balcony. But Monks wondered how neighbours would feel.

“I’d be furious if I lived there.”

It is a health hazard and she tweeted to the City of Mississauga to look into it.

The property owner didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment but The City of Mississauga said they are looking into the situation.

Residents who are concerned about birds or other wildlife including enforcement-related requests are asked to contact 311, city spokesperson Malory Cunnington told insauga.

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