PICK A SIDE: Will you be going virtual this Valentine’s Day?


Published February 12, 2021 at 5:18 pm


As has been the case with nearly every holiday that has occurred during the last 11 months, Valentine’s Day will have to be celebrated differently this year.

While couples who live together will still be able to enjoy a nice dinner together, they’ll have to enjoy it at home, rather than a fancy restaurant, as dine-in is still not allowed in Ontario.

What’s more, couples who aren’t living together will be prohibited from even being in the same room, as the Province’s stay-at-home order is still in effect, which prohibits any indoor gatherings.

So, for those who won’t be able to be together on Valentine’s Day, will you be doing a virtual date night?

Those who may be opposed to the idea might suggest the degree of difficulty that would be associated with setting a romantic mood through a webcam.

Additionally, some may feel the lack of physical proximity takes away from the intimacy and undermines the point of the holiday.

Further, the possibility of poor connections and outdated technology might make some feel it’s not worth the headache.

However, those in favour may be starved for company, and might relish any opportunity to socialize, even if it’s through a screen.

Moreover, going virtual this Valentine’s Day could provide some couples who don’t live together with a chance to spice things up and try new things they otherwise wouldn’t.

So, readers, how do you feel?

Will you be celebrating Valentine’s Day digitally this year?

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