PICK A SIDE: Which Christmas tree is best?


It’s almost Christmas, and you’ve probably already decorated the house and put up a tree.

But what kind of tree?

Many Christmas purists will say a proper Christmas tree must be a real tree.

It provides the fresh scent of pine, and just looks so pretty—decorated with shiny ornaments and sparkling lights.

However, some would disagree that a Christmas tree should be a real tree.

Some people believe it makes too much of a mess, and is too difficult to set up—you have to drive to a lot (or the forest if you consider yourself something of a lumberjack) and buy the tree, then strap it to the roof of the car and drive it home.

Once you get it home, assuming it’s an average length, you have to struggle with getting it through the door.
All of this is likely to leave pine needles scattered throughout your home.

None of these problems exist with a fake tree—you simply purchase it in a box, take it out, and set it up. And, when you’re done with it, you simply pack it up and put it away.

Additionally, some people believe a fake tree is better from a nature perspective—they feel it’s wasteful and harmful to cut down a tree that will sit in your house for a couple of weeks and then get thrown out.

However, many defenders of a real tree believe the process of picking out a tree with loved ones is part of what makes this time of year special.

So, Mississauga, what do you think? which tree is better? Real or fake?

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