PICK A SIDE: What comfort foods have best helped you get through the pandemic?


Published April 16, 2021 at 4:25 pm


With Ontario once again reaching record-breaking levels of new COVID-19 cases, the Province has already implemented a third lockdown and stay-at-home order.

On Friday (April 16), Ontario recorded the most new cases of the virus in a single day—nearly 5,000.

With the pandemic now having surpassed a full year, and the number of new cases continuing to break records 13 months in, many people are feeling stressed and anxious.

In order to help cope with these difficult times, many have turned to sources of comfort, one of the most common being food.

While it varies from person to person, most would probably agree comfort food could also be labelled as junk food—this is because foods that are high in sugar, fat, and salt are known to elevate the mood by triggering the brain’s reward system.

But, which comfort food is best?

For some, comfort food means foods that are high in fat—things made with dairy and covered in cheese.

Foods such as cheesecake, ice cream, and macaroni and cheese for example.

Others find comfort in greasy, salty foods, often fried—things you’d probably be able to pick up at a drive-through.

Foods such as burgers, pizza, and poutine for example.

Of course, others prefer sweet, sugary treats—things that you’d find at a bakery or candy store.

Foods such as cookies, cake, and gummies for example.

Additionally, while some have been turning to comfort consumables, they may not have been indulging in food.

The Beer Stores and LCBOs were deemed essential, and many are thankful of that decision, as they have take to having a drink (or three) to help calm their nerves and take the edge off.

So, readers, which comfort foods are best?

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