PICK A SIDE: Should there be punishments for those not social distancing ?


The government has mandated all non-essential businesses close to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Most sporting events and concerts have been cancelled

Bars and restaurants have had to close, although restaurants have been permitted to offer take and delivery services.

Additionally, most gyms, public parks, many retail stores, schools, daycares, and churches and religious buildings, have all been instructed to close to help prevent the spread of the virus.

However, while many businesses have complied with these instructions, not all have.

Many video game stores have chosen to stay open due to the fact Animal Crossing: New Horizons is hitting shelves this weekend.

There have even been reports that people have been lining up outside stores to get their copy of the game—despite the fact it’s available for digital purchase on Nintendo’s website.

Further, First Choice Haircutters announced locations in Ontario would remain open at this time, although they have said in a release they will be taking additional sanitary measures.

While the government is working to prevent the spread of the virus, it has also said there won’t be penalties for people who fail to comply with their recommendations, as they simply don’t have the resources.

However, if people weren’t still going to these places, they wouldn’t have any choice other than to close, as they wouldn’t be able to afford to pay staff if no one was buying their services.

Additionally, many business owners believe their business won’t be able to survive a temporary closure.

So, Mississauga, what do you think? Should people be punished for ignoring the government’s insistence on practicing social distancing? Should businesses be punished for remaining open?

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