PICK A SIDE: Should the MLB continue to allow teams to travel for games?


While most professional sports have resumed, they’ve all done so in an altered capacity.

The NBA and NHL, both of which had already completed the majority of their season before the pandemic halted pro sports, elected to complete their season in a bubble format—the NBA chose a single hub city in Orlando, while the NHL chose two hub cities in Toronto and Edmonton.

Both leagues are requiring players to remain in the bubble in order to compete, while those who leave are required to quarantine upon their return.

In contrast, while the MLB is not allowing fans in the stands, they are otherwise conducting their season as they normally would—teams are still travelling to other cities for games and risking exposure to the virus.

So far, several series have already been impacted by the virus—the Miami Marlins had 16 players test positive with the virus—which forced the MLB to cancel games and make adjustments on the fly, only one week into the already-shortened schedule.

The commissioner, Rob Manfred, had said if players don’t take the virus seriously and take proper precautions to prevent contracting and spreading it, he might have to shut down the season.

The reason the MLB elected not to go with the bubble route similar to the other two leagues was due to the Players Association—many players didn’t want to be isolated for the duration of the season, which is expected to last for four months—nearly the same length of time the NBA and NHL expects to last.

Many have been critical of the MLB’s decision to travel for games—the Canadian government has forbidden the Toronto Blue Jays to play home games in Toronto due to the possibility of spreading the virus.

After they were informed they would have to play their home games south of the border, the Jays were in talks to play home games in Pennsylvania, but the State eventually ruled against it, citing the same reason as the Canadian government.

So, Mississauga, what do you think? Should the MLB continue to allow teams to travel for games?

Or should they have adopted a bubble method similar to the NBA and NHL?

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