PICK A SIDE: Should Ontario's pit bull ban be lifted


Ontario’s pit bull ban could soon be lifted, if a bill proposed by MPP Rick Nicholls from Chatham-Kent-Leamington gets passed.

The bill, which passed its second reading with 36 votes in favour and 12 votes against is closer to becoming law… but should it?

Those in favour of repealing the ban suggest the law is difficult to enforce due to the fact that pit bull is an umbrella term, and there are several types of dog associated with the breed, which makes it difficult to distinguish a pit bull from another type of dog.

Additionally, they suggest the ban hasn’t had a significant impact on reducing the number of dog bite cases in the province since it was implemented in 2005.

They further posit that any dog can become violent irrespective of breed, and to single one breed out is unfair.

However, those in favour of the ban suggest there is evidence to support the notion that pit bulls are wildly unpredictable and prone to aggression.

They also allege that the dogs have been bred to be this way, and even the most loving and docile pit bulls can snap due to their inherent tendencies.

People who support the ban believe it is necessary to protect children, and they cite previous instances in which pit bulls attacked children, which was the initial reason the law was introduced in the first place.

So, Mississauga, what do you think?

Should Ontario repeal the ban?

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