PICK A SIDE: Should Ontario implement a curfew?  


The number of COVID-19 cases is continuing to climb at alarming rates, and the latest modeling from the Province suggests we could hit 6,000 cases per day before the end of January.

In response, the Province has implemented stricter measures, including a stay-at-home order, confining people to their homes, and only allowing them to leave for essential reasons.

Before the stay-at-home order was announced, many Ontarians thought a curfew—similar to what Quebec has adopted—could be coming.

While Ontario has managed to avoid a curfew, for now, it doesn’t rule out the possibility of one in the near future, but should it?

Those in favour of a curfew believe it will add a level of enforcement that hasn’t been seen thus far—despite the stay-at-home order, police don’t have the authority to stop and question what people are doing away from their homes.

Some in favour of a curfew believe this would result in an increase in compliance, as people would remain at home rather than risk a hefty fine.

However, those opposed to it believe it would be counter-productive—it would limit the time when people can conduct their essential business, such as grocery shopping, and create larger crows at shopping centres.

Additionally, many are already confused about the legislation in place, and some even took to tying up emergency lines trying to determine what reasons were justifiable for them to leave their house—implementing a curfew could further exacerbate this confusion.

Further, with many people commuting to work, a curfew similar to Quebec—residents must remain home between the hours of 8 p.m. and 5 a.m.—could be difficult to enforce as many people may be forced to break curfew to get to and from work every day.

Although, while a curfew could be difficult to enforce, many feel the Province must introduce stronger ways of enforcing physical distancing, as cases are reaching an alarming level, and many hospitals are already at capacity.

So, readers, what do you think? Should Ontario implement a curfew?

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