PICK A SIDE: Should businesses be able to require customers to wear masks


Since the start of the pandemic, there have been mixed messages regarding face coverings. At first, many Canadian health officials questioned whether they were necessary for preventing the spread of the COVID-19.

However, as more information has been gathered and more research has been conducted, many health officials believe face coverings can be beneficial in preventing the spread of the virus.

As a result, many businesses are requiring customers and staff to wear face coverings while shopping in stores.

Some grocery stores including Longo’s and T&T Supermarket are requiring customers to wear face masks.

Additionally, many transit operations have adopted the same requirements. Brampton Transit has announced customers are now required to wear masks, Oakville Transit and Mississauga Transit have also followed suit, as has the TTC.

Further, Pearson Airport has also adopted a policy that requires travellers and staff to wear masks.

Moreover, some businesses, while not making it a requirement, have requested customers wear masks while in stores.

Starbucks is one such company that is requesting but not mandating that customers wear masks.

Premier Doug Ford has said businesses will have the freedom to decide whether they will require customers to wear masks while shopping in their stores or using their services.

Some have applauded the decision and believe it isn’t enough and the Province should be enforcing a requirement for everyone to wear a mask when they leave their house.

However, others believe it’s an infringement on their rights, and that they should be free to choose whether or not they wear a mask.

So, Mississauga, what do you think? Should businesses be able to require masks?

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