PICK A SIDE: Results – what people miss most about pre-quarantine life


Published April 24, 2020 at 3:01 pm


Throughout 2020, battle lines have been drawn, opinions have been voiced, and sides have been picked.

We’ve asked for your opinions on several controversial topics; these are the results.

In the days leading up to Valentine’s Day, we asked if public displays of affection were acceptable–apparently there are a lot of hopeless romantics in Mississauga, as two-thirds of respondents said they were sweet, while one third said they were gross.

In our most lopsided poll so far this year, we asked where the best place to sit in an Uber/Lyft was. The overwhelming majority, 89 per cent of people, said you should sit in the back, while only 11 per cent said it was better to sit in the front.

When the license plate fiasco occurred, we asked if they even needed to be changed in the first place. The majority of people, 79 per cent, were of the mind that they were fine as they were, while 21 per cent felt it was time for a change.

After daylight saving time stole another hour of our sleep, we asked if we should even still be observing it. This was another poll that featured lopsided results–82 per cent felt we should not be observing daylight saving time, while only 18 per cent felt losing an hour every spring was worth it.

When the Province first issued social distancing instructions, many people didn’t take them seriously, and we asked if people and businesses should be punished for ignoring them. Of those who responded, six per cent felt businesses should be punished, eight per cent felt no one should be punished and we should be free to do what we want, 19 per cent felt people should be punished, and 67 per cent felt both people and businesses should be punished.

After the government instructed people to stay home and only go out if absolutely necessary, we asked which streaming services was the best way to pass the time.

Four per cent of people felt Crave was the best streaming choice, four per cent said it was Disney+, 17 per cent said Amazon Prime was the best, and 74 per cent said Netflix was the king of streaming.

As social distancing measures progressed, and many people were stuck at home, we asked who had it worse.

Only one per cent of respondents felt couples had it worse off, while 40 per cent of respondents felt single people were suffering most, and 59 per cent of people felt families with young kids had it the worst.

As social distancing measures continued to drag on, and it started to feel like we’d been doing this forever; we asked what people missed most about life before quarantine.

The number one thing people said they missed was getting together with family, while going to a restaurant/bar, sports, going to the gym, and going to class/work rounded out the top five.

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