PICK A SIDE: Results Roundup


Published December 27, 2019 at 4:57 pm


Over the last several weeks, battle lines have been drawn, opinions have been voiced, and sides have been picked.

We’ve asked for your opinions on several controversial topics; these are the results.

When it comes to paying for the first date, only 3 per cent of voters believe the woman should pay, 26 per cent believe both parties should split the bill, 33 per cent believe whoever asked for the date should pay for it, and the majority of voters—36 per cent—still believe paying for the date is the man’s job.

When it comes to ghosting someone, it appears most people were in agreement; only 21.77 per cent of voters believe ghosting someone is acceptable, while the vast majority—78.23 per cent—believe it’s immature and unacceptable.

Putting up Christmas decorations in November can be a hot-button issue for many people who believe it’s too early. However, according to our poll results, that’s not exactly how people feel. Exactly one third of voters—33.33 per cent—believe November is too soon for Christmas decorations, while the other two thirds—66.67 per cent—felt putting up decorations in November was fine.

When Amy took her dogs to a dog park, and one of them stole another man’s fish filet that he had brought into the park, ignoring a sign which prohibited food inside the park, we asked if she should have replaced his sandwich. According to the results, only 14.42 per cent of people felt she should have replaced it, while 85.58 per cent felt she had no obligation to replace it since he shouldn’t have brought it into the park in the first place.

This holiday season, volunteers for the Salvation Army were out in force collection donations for the many people in need around the country. However, due to their past position on issues related to the LGBTQ+ community, there has been some controversy surrounding the charity. We asked if this controversy would have an impact on people’s decisions to donate to them. According to the results, only 28.24 per cent of people said they would refuse to donate to the Salvation Army, while 71.76 per cent of voters said they do a lot of good things for the community and would, therefore, continue to donate to them.

When we asked whether Ontario should repeal breed-specific legislation (often referred to as the Pit Bull ban), the results were our most lop-sided yet. Only 8.5 per cent of voters believed the ban should be upheld, while 91.5 per cent felt it should be struck down.

During the holidays, there’s always talk about the “War on Christmas,” we asked whether it was a real thing, or just more chatter on Twitter. According to the results, 43.21 per cent of people believe there really is a war on Christmas, while 56.79 per cent believe it’s all made up.

With the news the Province is looking to implement speed-enforcement cameras in certain areas across Ontario, we asked if this would actually help prevent speeding. According to the results, 37.91 per cent believe it will cause drivers to slow down, while 62.09 per cent of voters were more skeptical, and believe it’s just a money-grab from the Province.

Finally, in our last Pick a Side of the year, we asked which Christmas tree was better, real or fake. According to the results, 44.44 per cent believe a fake tree is the way to go, while 55.56 per cent were Christmas purists who said they prefer a real tree.

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