PICK A SIDE: Results – many in favour of making masks mandatory


Published June 26, 2020 at 3:42 pm


Throughout 2020, battle lines have been drawn, opinions have been voiced, and sides have been picked.

We’ve asked for your opinions, Mississauga, on several controversial topics; these are the results.

As the Province began relaxing restrictions on businesses, we asked if it was too soon. According to the results, 75 per cent of you felt it was too soon and could result in a second wave of the virus, while 25 per cent felt it was time to try and return to normalcy.

When the announcement broke that the UFC would be resuming competition without spectators, and many other leagues were working on a framework that would allow them to follow suit, we asked if having sports events without fans in the stands would feel the same. According to the findings, 63 per cent of you feel sacrificing fan attendance is necessary if it means sports return sooner, while 36 per cent feel games wouldn’t be the same without people in the stands.

As the Province moved to Stage 2 of the economic reopening plan, many more businesses were given the green light to resume operations. We asked which ones you were most excited about. According to the results, eight per cent of you were most excited about pet services reopening, 12 per cent of you were most excited about garden centres reopening, 17 per cent of you were most excited about recreational facilities reopening, 25 per cent of you were most excited about other services reopening, and the majority of you 36 per cent, were most excited about retailers reopening.

As the end of the pandemic inches closer, we asked if you would ever watch TV shows and movies about life during quarantine. According to the results, the vast majority of you, 77 per cent, will not watch content about the pandemic, while only 23 per cent of you think such content would be interesting.

As more and more businesses have been allowed to reopen, some have begun implementing requirements that customers where masks while using their services. We asked if you felt businesses should be afforded this authority. According to the results, 76 per cent of you believe businesses should have the right to refuse service to those not wearing masks, while only 24 per cent of you believe it should be up to the customer whether they choose to wear a mask.

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