PICK A SIDE: Results—eggnog apparently a polarizing beverage


Published December 31, 2020 at 5:33 pm

Anthony Urciuoli/hamilton.insauga.com photo

Throughout the last few months, battle lines have been drawn, opinions have been voiced, and sides have been picked.

We’ve asked for your opinions, readers, on several controversial topics, such as how early is too early for Christmas decorations, shopping in-store or online, and virtual holiday get-togethers; these are the results.

With many TV shows back in production, and new seasons starting up, we asked if viewers would watch shows that deal with COVID-19. Most respondents wanted to be able to watch TV to escape the pandemic, as the majority—79 per cent—said they wouldn’t watch TV shows that deal with the virus, while only 21 per cent said they would.

When it came to Christmas decorations, the majority of respondents felt November was NOT too early to put up Christmas decorations—67 per cent of people feel it’s never too early to put up Christmas decorations, while only 33 per cent don’t want to see them until December.

With additional restrictions implemented for much of Ontario leading up to the holidays, and a complete, province-wide lockdown as of Boxing Day, we asked if people would be hosting virtual get-togethers in an effort to ensure they still get to see those they care about.

Based on the results, most people would rather wait until they can celebrate and gather in person—only 43 per cent of people said they intended to have a virtual party, while 57 per cent said they would wait until they can do so in person.

Additionally, when it came for shopping for the holidays, despite the fact many businesses were facing restrictions, most readers said they still preferred to shop in-store—72 per cent said they like to shop in physical, brick-and-mortar stores, while only 28 per cent said they prefer shopping online.

Therefore, it should probably come as no surprise that many people felt small businesses should be permitted to open for in-store shopping—87 per cent feel it’s unfair to force small businesses to close, and they should be allowed to open, while only 13 per cent believe they should remain closed.

Further, when it came to shopping for gifts for loved ones, most respondents felt gift cards were excellent options this year—72 per cent said they liked that gift cards allowed recipients to buy whatever they wanted, while only 28 per cent felt they were too impersonal.

Finally, when it appears one of the most popular Christmas beverages is also quite polarizing. The closest results in our recent polls found people were pretty split on eggnog—54 per cent said they loved it, while 46 per cent said they hated it.

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