PICK A SIDE: Is the fear surrounding the coronavirus overblown?


Despite the fact scientists had projected there would be no new cases of the coronavirus by the end of February, the virus is still spreading.

It has now spread to all of mainland China, and nearly every continent has been affected by the virus.

So far, according to the CDC, 57 countries around the world have recorded at least one confirmed case of the coronavirus.
As of Friday, February 28, there have been seven confirmed cases just in Ontario.

Due to the growing hysteria, many people and organizations have begun altering their travel plans; Air Canada recently announced they wouldn’t be travelling to China throughout February.

People have also been boycotting Chinese restaurants due to an unfounded fear of contracting the virus.

Further, there have even been rumours that the virus could disrupt the 2020 Olympics, which are to be held in July in Tokyo.

But, is this hysteria warranted?

Of the 84,077 confirmed cases, only 2,876 people have died, while 36,873 people have recovered, 44,328 people are still battling the virus with 36,241 people in mild condition and 8,087 people in critical condition.

This means the mortality rate for the virus is only 3.4 per cent.

To put that in perspective, an average of 56,000 people die each year by the flu—nearly 20 times the number of people who have died from the coronavirus.

So, Mississauga, what do you think? Should people be changing their travel plans due to the virus or is the hysteria overblown?

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