PICK A SIDE: Is regifting okay?


So, now that the holidays are over, and you’ve likely returned to your normal, every-day lives, you might be trying to figure out a use for one or more of the gifts you’ve received this year.

Perhaps someone you love got you something they thought you’d love, but you simply don’t have a use for—maybe they got you something you use for work but it’s the wrong model, maybe you received something you were interested in at one point in time but are no longer, maybe you received something that you pretended to like once to be polite and are now stuck with it.

Whatever the case, you have few options when it comes to what you want to do with the present; if there’s a gift receipt, you can return it and get something you want.

However, if there isn’t you can either find a use for it, or… regift it to someone you know will enjoy it.
When it comes to regifting things, many people feel some kind of way about it.

Many people frown on it (there was even an episode of Seinfeld that explored the idea of regifting).

But, is it really wrong? Why would it be bad to give a gift you received to someone else who you think might enjoy it more than you?

Still, even if you know this person would enjoy the gift more than you, would you tell them you regifted it to them? Very likely not.

Many people believe regifting is rude not only to the person who got you the gift—you didn’t value it enough to use/keep it—and to the person you’re giving it to—you couldn’t be bothered to get them a gift, you just grabbed something you had lying around.

So, Mississauga, what do you think about regifting?

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