PICK A SIDE: Do you prefer to shop in-stores or online?


With Toronto and Peel already in lockdown, and the possibility of more joining them as cases of COVID-19 continue to climb in Ontario—November 27 saw the single-day record shattered with more than 1,800 new cases—many Canadians are reconsidering how they do their holiday shopping this year.

This year, many stores, due to added safety precautions implemented by the Province, will not be allowing customers to shop in-stores, they’ll instead be offering curbside pickup.

Additionally, in order to avoid crowds and mitigate the threat of contracting the virus, many Canadians have resigned themselves to doing their holiday shopping online this year.

But which way is best?

Some purists believe in-store is the way to go. They believe the best way to find thoughtful, personal gifts for their friends and loved ones is to go to specialty stores—the ones that sell hand-made items you can’t often find online.

However, others believe online shopping is the better way—it provides convenience and comfort that in-store can’t provide—you can shop from the comfort of your home, you don’t have to brave the elements (or the shopping centres’ parking lots), and with how far online shopping has come, you can usually have it delivered to your door the next day.

Additionally, some prefer shopping in-store for the security—they know what they’re getting before they even buy it, and there’s no risk of having the item show up and appear completely different from what the online image depicted.

Further, shopping in-store also offers payment options, namely cash, that don’t pose security risks (some people fear using their credit card to purchase items online could present a greater risk of having their identity stolen).

Although, shopping online does present benefits for those on a budget—which is likely going to be many this year, given the financial strain the pandemic has caused—with many different online vendors to choose from, shopping online presents customers with an easier way to compare prices and find items for the most affordable prices.

So, readers, what form of shopping do you prefer?

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