PHOTOS: Here's What Happened to a Mississauga Restaurant Gutted by Fire


Last October, a devastating fire broke out at a frequented strip plaza at Hurontario Street and Bristol Road in Mississauga inside the Heart Sushi Japanese restaurant.

As a result, Heart Sushi’s other operating location at the Heartland Town Centre had seen an increased level of activity due to the loss of the other restaurant. The CIBC bank branch was temporarily shut down; damages have been clocked in at around $500,000.

For the last several months, the section affected by the fire in the plaza known as Sandalwood Square has been sealed off, although that meant some extra parking spaces opened up in that particular section of the plaza.

But as for what used to be there, they’re not going to be going back anytime soon, because those abandoned structures have now been demolished.

Construction site fencing has sealed off the area and debris is littered everywhere.

The demolition make sense because if the fire was powerful enough to cost at least half a million dollars in damages, the only salvageable solution is to tear it down and start over again.

No word yet on what is going in to replace this property. The area is slated to get a station from the Hurontario LRT transit corridor. Although the Bristol station is supposed to go on the north side of Bristol, perhaps with this available land they could put a station that is integrated with the plaza in some capacity.

We will keep everyone updated on what transpires with this plaza.

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