PHOTOS: Here’s How the New University Will Fit into Brampton’s Downtown Core

Published April 26, 2018 at 4:57 pm

Brampton’s new university has stirred up a lot of emotions in our city, from excitement, to uncertainty, and beyond.

Brampton’s new university has stirred up a lot of emotions in our city, from excitement, to uncertainty, and beyond. Now, the city has revealed the new university’s location, and many residents are wondering how it will fit into Brampton’s already dense downtown core. 

Almost a quarter of a billion dollars ($90 million from the province and $150 million from the city) has been committed to the Ryerson University and Sheridan College postsecondary institution that’s coming to downtown Brampton and a  community space for joint-use to support the university, called the Brampton Centre for Education, Innovation and Collaboration (BCEIC).

The province recently revealed that the university will be located at the south-east corner of Church Street West and Mill Street North, on the GO station parking lot in downtown Brampton.

Of course, the parking lot will have to be eliminated in order for that to happen. Metrolinx recently confirmed with that new parking spaces are being considered, and that commuters will still have enough parking near the GO station. Metrolinx did buy a block of land south of the GO station about two years ago, and some speculate that parking spaces might go there.

This is a pretty big step for Brampton’s future. It’s the first time that Ryerson University is expanding out of downtown Toronto, and Sheridan College is expanding its presence in Brampton, too. Further, Brampton just created a vision for what the city will look like in 2040, so a lot of changes are planned for the entire city.

Downtown Brampton in itself is quite possibily the most dense area in Brampton. According to the city, more than 50,000 vehicles pass through the intersection of Highway 7 (Queen Street) and Highway 10 (Main Street).

Downtown Brampton is often considered Brampton’s Centre of Commerce, where several major banks are located, and daytime employment adds close to 6,000 people.

With the massive investment and amount of people who will be affected by the university, you might be questioning how the institution will fit into Brampton’s downtown core. 

Let’s take a look:

The university campus sits atop the GO station parking lot, while the BCEIC (Centre for Innovation on the map) is located where Brampton recently purchased several buildings across the street from the bus terminal along Nelson West.

The city also purchased the land where the bus terminal sits.

Here’s a more 3D look at how the new buildings could fit into downtown Brampton from two different angles.

According to Ryerson University, the campus has an anticipated academic start date of September, 2022. The downtown campus is set to enrol at least 2,000 students over the first five years.

What might the university look like on the inside?

Over all, the concept is modern and very similar to the look and feel of Ryerson’s campus in downtown Toronto. In particular, it’s reminiscent of Ryerson’s Student Learning Centre on Yonge Street.

What do you think of how the new university will fit into Brampton?

Renderings courtesy of the City of Brampton

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