PHOTOS: Canada’s Most Popular Coffee Chain is Getting a Huge Makeover

Published March 28, 2018 at 2:37 am


Hold your moose and don’t drop your french vanilla, Mississauga – this coffee chain is going to look pretty different in the next three years. 

It’s true, good old Tim Hortons has a new restaurant design that’s more modern and contemporary. The coffee chain is rolling out new tables, chairs, wall fixtures, and more, across a majority of restaurants in Canada by 2021.

So when you walk into a Timmies three years from now, chances are it’ll look different than it does now.

Here’s a look at the new restaurant environment.

The exterior has a tiled surface, rather than the typical brick facade:

The dining area has more contemporary seating, including chairs and booths, as well as unique ceiling fixtures and separators:

The booths are cozier, the shelving is different, and the ordering area is more modern:

Fun and unique artwork is planned for the walls:

“As part of the new image, the Restaurant exterior will be designed with natural looking, lighter, and more inviting materials,” said Tim Hortons in a recent statement.

“Inside, Restaurants will be decorated with artwork that reflects Tim Hortons values and history – including a commissioned portrait of Tim Horton, a mosaic of iconic brand images and a photo wall that features Tim Hortons unique coffee-sourcing and proprietary blending process. Guests will also enjoy upgraded, open concept seating that fosters the sense of community at the core of the Tim Hortonsbrand.”

The company is set to invest $700 million to bring this new concept to Tim Hortons locations across the country.

What do you think of Tim Hortons’s new look?

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