Phone Company Doling Out a Lot of Data for Cheap in Mississauga and Beyond


If you're looking for a big bang for your buck, you might be interested in this first-of-its-kind phone plan, that may just change the marketplace for mobile data. 

Freedom Mobile has just launched its Big Gig phone plans, where you can get 10 GB of data for $50. This new plan is quite unprecedented and so it creates some competition in the mobile industry. 

The plans, which have been available since October 19, are "unlike anything currently being offered to Canadians," according a statement from Shaw Communications. 

What's more - there are no penalties for data overages. 

Cheaper cell phone plans have always been available through Freedom Mobile (formerly Wind Mobile), but amping up the amount of data you can get for $50 may indeed be a game-changer.

Here's what you can do with 10 GB of data:

  • Stream 250 hours of music on Spotify at normal quality 
  • Make 20 hours of video calls 
  • Stream 100 hours of standard content or 13 hours of HD video content on YouTube 
  • Stream 40 hours of standard content or 10 hours of HD content on Netflix 

"Today’s customers use FaceTime, Facebook messenger, text, email, and iMessage to stay in touch with friends and family," said Katherine Emberly, senior vice president marketing, Shaw Communications. "Data is their preferred and chosen vehicle for communication.” 

Fifty dollars for 10 GB of data is less than half of what the going rate is for similar plans with other carriers. With Rogers, for instance, customers pay about $145 on a Share Everything plan with 10 GB. At Telus, a similar plan with 10 GB starts at $135.

Another factor to consider, however, is coverage. Freedom is sometimes criticized for not having the best coverage, but that's no surprise with a growing phone company. In Ontario, coverage is best in Toronto and most of the GTA, but Freedom is rolling out a new LTE network this fall to try and combat that. 

“Until now, the approach to wireless data pricing has been deliberately punitive, and out of line with customer usage. We want Freedom Mobile customers to stay connected to whatever content they love as long as they want,” Mr. McAleese said. “Better wireless prices for Canadians will only come through competition without compromise. Our Big Gig plans don’t compromise on price or value, so our customers don’t have to compromise on using their data.” 

It seems like Freedom is offering its customers more freedom. At least when it comes to data.

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